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Simon Dixon pop art - Hank Williams

"Smash the System" by Klyve Reeve



Simon Dixon was a Brighton based artist who produced strong, colourful Pop Art images of 20th Century icons. 

Painting since 1997, his inspiration came from a love of pop culture, an interest in 20th Century history and a desire to distil images down to their core essence.

Having been influenced by a broad range of musical subcultures and equally informed by a love of both comic and graphic art, his highly stylised paintings consistently captured a wide range of influential, modern cultural icons.

Big, bold, unpretentious, vibrant and highly desirable, Dixon's paintings remain timeless, evocative and full of reverence for the subject, whilst connecting us to memories of musical and cultural events in our lives.

You may have seen his work on the walls of galleries, in group shows and selective bars and restaurants; not only nationwide but around the world.

Until his untimely death in 2017, Simon steadfastly continued to maintain both his integrity and commitment to celebrating inspirational and influential figures.

In accordance with his wishes, Simon’s limited edition prints and paintings will continue to reach their audience. The prints are lovingly produced to the highest possible standard by Fine Art Guild accredited Eye 4 Colour Printmakers, based in Brighton. In order for Simon's work to be authenticated, the limited edition prints will feature a DIXON embossed stamp and be titled and numbered. 





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